Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Investigative Analysis

See the preceding post for the evidence. Careful analysis of the photograph of the victims injury reveals some important clues. The fact that the injury is located on the back of the leg as opposed to the front or side suggests he was hit from the behind but did not fall. Most revealing however, is the description of the abrasions themselves. They definitely appear to be tread marks. A bicycle tire immediately comes to mind. The medical authority did not report any other injuries so we hypothesize the following: Troutbirder was hit in the back of the leg by an out of control/or inattentive fellow byciclist. He, somehow managed to maintain control and was not flung from his own bike. A common misdemeanor occured, which in the driving world, is known as "tailgating." A highly dangerous habit common to many forms of propulsion......

Troutbirder: "Yes it's true. I was "rear ended" on a steep downgrade. Apparently, I wasn't going fast enough for the speedos who seem to think it's all a race. Another concern is the fact that when I took up biking years ago it was common for people to warn you when approaching or passing from behind. "On your left" or "coming up" were common phrases." No more.....

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