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Troutbirder II
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Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Massive Restoration

For these two lifelong residents of Minnesota a first time tour of The North Star State Capitol was long overdue. We took the daytrip with our friends at Heartland. The trip also included a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. We get off the bus and head up the walkway to the Capitol.

A quick look back  down the park like Mall towards the "Saintly City"..... St. Paul.
This landmark building, designed by Cass Gilbert and built in 1905 was looking somewhat shabby by the 21st century. What followed was a$310 million , 3+ year restoration and renovation. We had gone to see the results. All decorative art, murals, and paintings were restored to original patters and colors. New public spaces including galleries were added along with exposing limestone basement walls etc.
Of course our tour guide filled us in on the architecture, art and history.
In the peoples house looking at the chamber of the State legislature.  It was a great morning seeing our capitol  restored to its awe-inspiring glory.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Few Yellow/Orange flowers

Yes we were very busy this spring with these yellow flowers taking over our front lawn.  And inspired by my oldest grandsons bumper sticker, "MAKE AMERICA GREEN AGAIN" MS. T. and  I attacked them with a vengeance the old fashioned way by digging them out one at a time.  No 24D herbicide for use. We've also been slowly getting rid of turf (lawns) by encouraging native woodland wildflower beds.  A few highlights follow .....

Yellow Lady Slipper (a native orchid)

Last but not least, on the edge of the woods,  the somewhat rare but very vibrant yellow/orange Hoary Pucoon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cold Mountain

As noted in my previous review of Varina Charles Frazier is an excellent writer of historical fiction. Looking for more I found his first best seller Cold Mountain. Published twenty years ago I read it recently. For more click on Mark Twain above.  Troutbirder II is my book review blog....