Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Monday, February 19, 2018

Dreaming of a Better World

Oh that's bad!  Actually my real dream of a better world involves the current moron residing in the White House

Friday, February 16, 2018

Birding the Beautiful Whitewater Valley in Minnesota.

Invited by our friends Mr. Science (Gary) and his wife Bobbie, we spent the day winter birding in  the beautiful Whitewater Valley.  And a bountiful day it was.  I won't list all the species and numbers. but a few highlights include many eagles (some nesting), lots of red tailed hawks, several  rough legged hawks also a few kestrels, plus a single Coopers Hawk.  There were  large numbers of the usual small and medium sized winter holdovers,  not including our human "snowbirds" who tend to hang out in places like Florida and Arizona. Lastly, the top sighting of the day was  20 Trumpeter swans,  a rescued species nearly extirpated in Minnesota some decades ago.  Two photos from Gary.  Plus a note on winter fly fishing.
The very large and magnificent Trumpeter Swan resident once again in Minnesota.
Many eagles were seen  today with three females on their  nests already.  Apparently it's  difficult to tell if they have laid eggs or are still redecorating a previously used nest....
The Whitewater River and its' small tributaries are all excellent limestone trout streams.  Some have a open winter season. I've tried a few times but winter and fishing do not go together very well for me. Once camping in mid November at Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone National Park and fishing downstream on the Lamar River, with myself about freezing, cured me of the habit forever....:)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sunshine and Retirement

When I retired from teaching I was 62 and still loved the kids, history and geography. What I didn't love was how computers made us all more 'efficient" by requiring more redundant and unuseful paperwork than ever. I did a rough calculation several times and determined  most of the staff was wasting two hours a day on this nonsense.   For Special Ed teachers with Federal requirements it was in excess of three hours per day. We had just built a more "efficient" house for us largely paying for it with the sale of our old one next door to a woods we already owned. But not quite. My beloved spouse volunteered to work two more years and pay it off. Thus, I became a House Husband. She loved it when she came home to find dinner ready, the laundry done, as I had put serious study into these diverse tasks. Still there was a little slack time here and there and I needed to find a mentor on how to use it. He was a friend of Mrs. T's who lived with us and his name was Simba.
Yes this is Simba and this is how it all began. While I don't have any actual pictures of his mentoring retirement techniques, the following pretty much demonstrates the method.    
I found the idea to  follow the sun around the house all day and to nap the most effective. The aquarium sun lamp technique was definitely unworkable and I also  had my 130 German Shepard Baron pile on top of me for warmth just plane dangerous. Thus I survived two years of retired house husbandry very amenable and WE BOTH LIVED HAPPY EVER AFTER IN RETIREMENT.....:)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Feminism and Me

Though I abhor stereotypes, in this case based on womens tendency to family and community values and mens tendency to value dominance, power, money and war, I hope to live to see gray-haired and young women take over the Earth. We'd all be better off....

Monday, February 5, 2018

Book Review of John Sanfords Storm Front

So in spite of not being regular thriller reading I inherited one of premier mystery writer John
Sanford . So as a first time reader of him here is my take on one of his many novels. Click on Mark Twain above to find out...:)