Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Sunday, November 20, 2022


 The world is a beautiful place and terrible place deeds of horror are committed every minute and in the end those we love die if the screams of all the Earth’s living creatures were one scream of pain, surely it would shake the stars but we have love it may seem a frail defense against the horrors of the world but we must hold fast and believe in it for it is all that we have                                                               have

places I remember

 There are places I remember

                 all my life, though some have changed

                 some forever not for better

                  some have gone and some remain

                  all the places have their moments

                  with the lovers and friends I still can recall

                   some are dead and some are living

                   in my life I've loved them all....



                   Ray turned his car into the driveway after a morning of grocery shopping and PT exercise as he entered his house from the garage

                    I felt different somehow. The silence in his home enveloped him. His home had once been filled with noise and laughter and the sounds of family life,

                    now all the silence was deafening. It had been this way for the past year but today was the first day he noted it. His girlfriend had taken him island .and then said goodbye to him & paradise    he had some music playing on the computer more to break the silence than anything else. The loss of Barb had drained his soul. Now he had gone back to his dresser and taken out his wedding ring putting it back on' this twisting it on his finger as he sat eating his supper. Plainly he thought it unlikely that he would ever find ever again a woman to really love forever and ever again. Sheltering in place during the Covid . He slowly learned to avoid loneliness itself keep busy in the garden the often said tending his native wildflowers and then that special woman appeared on the Internet and coontacted him from Salem he asked her if she had burned any whichbut sheet took it correctly as a joke and then pointed out she lived in Oregon where his son had recently with his family had moved and miraculously there she was to love. I will be flying out from Rochester's airport to Portland to see my grandchildren and son for Christmas small world indeed and definitely not lonely is lately