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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Finest Hour Battle Of BRITTAIN part 2 book review

Well this book with belt to what I asked for and inspiring book about a hun a country down and out which appeared to have no chance of saving itselffrom an overpowering innovatorNazi GermanyI wanted to book They couldn't make me believe againThat the United States of AmericaCould fight back fromAll its current problems and prevailIf you look at all the problems we face nowFor many of us they seemEven insurmountabledrugs going rampantAgain after a failed war on that subjectglobal warmingdisbelievedanswer problemBy those that now do not believe in science is being the trutha political party that refuses or is unable to deal with problemsof most any kind because it's a cultfollowing the layerand cheater presidentWho brought backracismas something that was okayand divided our countrySim on your list seemingly hopelessly with his lies and eagle..The longstanding party of no the Republicansare unableEven to function is a viable political partyAnd perhaps if they were a political partyfunctioning with the Democrats could solve some of our problemsBut that looks hopeless. That was a brave and wise and strong leader Winston Churchill with words that remind one of Shakespeare in the Bible inspired a nationand ultimatelyAmericato stand up and fight in World War IIThe American people we're more than a little dubious about fighting in another European war. And the British Army trapped and rescued by the Navy at Dunkirk gave Britain Shirley defeated the hope of defending against a German invasion of the islands.Church will ask the Americans for helpBut for RooseveltIt was a complicated problementering a war without the support of the American peoplewasNot a good ideaBut when Britain fought back and said it would never give upand the American people saw and heard what was happening when the Germans began bombing the citiespublic opinion changedAnd we sent helptwo Great BritainAnd Roosevelt andChurchillbegan building alliances against the GermansAnd theyJapaneseWon their ownAmerica into war after Pearl Harbor. This book covers all of thosebackgrounds complications quite well much of it is well knownBy those of us who follow history There are fewer items revealed such asThe Prime Ministerof Canada andThe president of the United StatesHad a meeting where they discussedSomething thatWas not brought to Churchill's attentionThat was sotheoretical and unification militarily of Canada and the United StatesBoth leaders had a fear that if Britain was defeatedAnd the British Navy fell into the hands of HitlerThe United States and CanadaWhat have their navies potentially outnumbered by the NazisThe Nazis also would have hadThe French NavyAfter France was defeated by the Germans. Later when Churchill found out about thatHe toldCanada and the United Statesthat the British Navy would never under any circumstances fall into the handsof Germany. That was a part of the history of World War two that I was quite aware unaware ofho hadBeing a history teacher i must admit that well this book follows chronology month fire month even day by day at point but it falls follows many many different stories of different people in that time period and nowI'm required to say that I havemental illness which is called MCImiles of cognitive impairmentWhich means in play English I'm above average forgetfulWhich is some of you ofMy age no isfairly normal problem among us senior citizensAnd the authors hereinclude many famous names in historyBut alsoleaders military people and others who are not well known at all but told the authors their stories because they happen to be thereAnd we're still alive when the authors talk to themThat adds a new angle and interest to itBut for meWho has difficulty remembering things like names and datesHey it's gets a littleTire some when you have to turn back the pages and remember who the guyWho is speaking actually isA few pages laterSo it didn't ruin the book for me but itMade itA tad tedious staff to turn back the page and find outWho the sky was and what his position wasFor example in the government or in the military or whateverOther than thatBuckwheatWonderfulTook me a tad longer to read itBut it was worth the effortI guess I'll just say I highly recommend this bookIt's not a newly published one againBut if you have a good libraryYou can probably find it easily

Saturday, April 8, 2023

finest hour The battle of Britain part one introduction

 I needed something to cheer me up perhaps a good book. Going back some years to the rise of the right wing tea party in spite of the reelection  of Obama for a second term.  The surprising follow-upof a  con artist  who revealed at his inauguration that he was a racist and later proved to be a liar only added to the gloom and doom Now apparently we have a stalemate with a political party that RepublicansPutting all their chips on the maggot people. Fix news expanding and promoting the liesand supporting the white racistshaadded to the chaos And the attitudesagainst democracyAs demonstrated in the attack on our nation's capital.

Being a retired teacher naturally I looked back in historyFor something that might encourage meNot to be soWill me aboutMy country's futureGiven it's present problems

The words of Winston ChurchillJune 1940 let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and it's commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say this was their finest hour. Part one tim Clayton and Phil Craig. Companion to the PBS series.

Part 2 to follow next my book review