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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Return to Duty

In the words of General MacArthur who promised fleeing the Philippines, under duress " I shall return" and did so....well here I am ready to go.  Barb is still in St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester recovering from her  broken arm and soon to return to "memory care." So far so good. I'm doing ok as the adjustment to living alone begins. I do have a new technological device which will help me blog called Dragon. I'm really excited about it as when I talk to it and it types for me on the screen. This is now called "word process". It's gonna take a while to catch on to it but with a little practice....
Here a sample of the first time I tried it.

Latin is a dead language. Dead as it can be. First it killed  the Romans and now it killing me....
(Read by me from  the back of Barb's old high school Latin text)

Ray (Troutbirder)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

An Interesting Historical Question

Dear Friends, I'm still preoccupied with issues related to Mrs. T.s adjustment to her Memory Care, her visits to Mayo clinic and her newly broken arm. There returning slightly to my two neglected blogs I'm posting AN INTERESTING HISTORICAL QUESTION for any history buffs out there....
Troutbirder (Ray)

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Dear Friends & Fellow Bloggers,
Sorry to report that Mrs. T (Barb) was transported from St. Mary's Hospital campus  in Rochester MN. to Cottage Wood memory care unit this week.  This has been five years coming but the wandering, memory loss and agitation had increased considerably this summer and fall with numerous 911 calls and stays in the secure unit or “prison" as she has  called it. Barb volunteered at  Mayos Abigail Van Bureans Alzheimer and Memory Loss Research Center .      Perhaps the last great frontier isn’t outer space but the human brain and it’s role in mental illness. Your thoughts and prayers now and in the future will be much appreciated. I intend to return to my blogging hobby and soon as I can get my act together here on the home front.
Ray and Barb

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Stuby The War Dog

The True Story of World War I's Bravest Dog. A National Geographic Kids Book for dog lovers and Kids of all Ages. Actually, Bausum wrote twin titles about the stray dog smuggled to Europe during World War I who returned to a hero’s welcome. Both books were published in 2014 by National Geographic: Sergeant Stubby (for adult readers) and Stubby the War Dog (for children). Though I remain devoted to another canine hero from The Great War (Rin Tin Tin) Stubby's  true story will leave you amazed....

Known for his keen instincts and fierce loyalty, Stubby is still recognized today as the most decorated canine in American history and the first promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Naturally an animated movie  followed......:)

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Monday, November 26, 2018

The Burning Bush


No No. Of course it's not Moses though Mrs. T. standing in our front yard, has given me more than Ten Commandments to follow over the years.
The burning bush is an object described by the Book of Exodus as being located on Mount Horeb. ... In the biblical narrative, the burning bush is the location at which Moses was appointed by Adonai (God) to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into Canaan.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving Traditions

It was only a few years after our marriage that my young bride, ever the bold one, decided to invite my parents and siblings from the Twin Cities to our rural home in the hinterland for Thanksgiving dinner. Her holiday culinary experience was quite lacking at the time. I must add that back in the day turkeys arrived at the supermarket with their necks still attached and the key organs still to be found inside to add to the stuffing.  While busily peeling potatoes I was asked by the lady in charge "which end do I stuff?" Dumfounded, I discovered there was an opening next to the neck. "Call your best friend Mary Ann" I suggested. And she did. Even standing some distance away I could hear gales of laughter over the telephone.  Thus, a Thanksgiving tradition was born. For decades thereafter the phone  would ring early on Thanksgiving morning with a reminder from Mary Ann as to which end to stuff the Turkey....
                                                Mrs. T on our honeymoon to the Maritimes

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Harvest Time in Bluff Country

It's mid to late fall here in southeast Minnesota's Bluff Country and there's lots of corn and soybeans to be harvested. Our little acreage over looks the Spring Valley and in the distance the town of the same name. In between our back yard and the valley are some small fields including 14 acres of "beans."....  Take a look....
To the North, our woods, adjacent to the field.
Our friend and neighbor farmer Dick is probably scouting ahead the big machinery making sure everything else is ready to go....
View from our back yard...
From hopper to bin then off to the elevator....
Miss Lily comes out to check out the commotion but quickly decides she's seen it before and begins looking for the elusive chipmunk under our deck!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Reporter: A Memoir by Seymour M. Hersh


In a time when their are  facts and something called "alternate facts" buttressed by screaming talk shows and so called guest "experts," what to think of the issues of the day becomes harder and harder.  So called reporters who only use "leaked" information from biased sources add to the fog. Compounding all of this is the fact that during the Vietnam era Seymour Hersh an a number of other young American reporters began telling what was really going on over there and the American people learned that their government was lying to them..... and still does.
Hersh  told what really happened in the Vietnamese village of My Lai. It was a mass murder of civilians by a company of American soldiers.  Later, he  went on to produce important  articles revealing the CIA’s  domestic spying on U.S. citizens, its abortive assassination plot against Fidel Castro, President Richard Nixon’s secret bombing of Cambodia and complicity in the overthrow and killing of Chilean President Salvador Allende, and, in more recent times, atrocities against Iraqi detainees by their American overseers at Abu Ghraib prison. Hersh’s reporting over the past half-century has constituted an alternative history of modern America.
For those of us readers who lived through the era of these past events this book is a worthwhile reminder of what happened. Some of the roots and causes were stemmed later by public outrage. For younger readers the lesson are well to learn and take into account.
Today, this country needs more investigative reporters like Seymour Hersh who speak the truth to power. As the headline on a Washington Post says Democracy Dies in Darkness.   Help shine the light and take time to read a good book........and get involved.

Oops! Well I put this book review on the nature blog rather than Troutbirder II.
 Think I'll just leave it here...:)