Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Monday, june 5th 1956

 Elvis Presley sang his new hit single " hound dog" on the Milton Berle show  and scandalized viewers with his suggestive hip movements in the public outcry that followed other variety show hosts including Ed Sullivan denounced his performance Sullivan swore he would never Invite Presley on his own show but that autumn Elvis did appear on the Ed Sullivan Show cameras only recorded Presley from the waist up. On the home front is the young boy then there was a big disagreement between my parents. My mom is a good Presbyterian agreed wholeheartedly that Presley's performance was truly obscene. My father of course probably having a beer On that Sunday evening was not bothered at all. However this incident had a big impact on my parents expectations for my future.As an only child  For some years until my wo brothers appeared on the scene There were a great expectations for me. my mothers favorite musician was Liberace Who so happened to be gay. My father did not approve of that at all. Whenever he said  bad things about Liberace my mom always replied that Liberace was laughing all the way to the bank And my father was a banker. So being an only child till my two brothers showed up some years later there were great expectations for me my mother was quite sure someday I would play the piano Carnegie Hall And my father was sure That I would be president of the first national bank of St Paul The largest bank at that time in the Twin Cities. I'm I did not become any of those things and failed my parents so at the University of Minnesota  I chose to become a teacher And my father asked me I f I planed to be poor all my lifewell in the end I wasn't  met my beautiful wife who   was also a teacher in Hicksville and there we stayed thereFor the rest of our lives together


  1. A fine life, well lived, and not over yet. Great post, as AC said.
    Good to see you, Ray.

  2. Hi Ray, That is interesting, I think you turned out okay! We didn't have a tv until 1959 so I missed all that about Elvis. :)

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