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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Extreme Prey

 EXTREME PREY is a transitional book in John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport series. Sandford has retired Davenport  from  Minnesota’s BCI ( Bureau of Criminal Apprehension)Its a real organization that helps small towns solve comp complex murders and other crimes' the towns police for does not have the resources& expertise to deal solve the crime. Davenport is the top gun, brain,& a very interesting personality, Sandford always surrounds his protagonist with a cast of  of very interesting characters which the reader  and follows from book to book in the Prey series. Then their is the the location. It is the small towns in southeastern Minnesota  That is  exactly the area where where I live. Actually  it been decades since a murderer o  :)Knowing the scene of the crime whether a road a building or whatever help the reader to relate to the story. I like that. For example if there  is a shooting and the victim is still alive the will a quickly be rushed north to Rochester Minnesota a large city and home of the world famous Mayo Clinic. Yes I've be in their emergency room and hospital many times though never for having been shot.!

 An efficient and unremarkable treatment of a story that keeps threatening to leap the gap from paranoid fantasies to...

A national book review  website headlined a  Extreme Prey with the words paranoid and fantasies...I' m not a fan of either of those words when it comes to people I know. Mental illness is a serious and difficult medical problem

So how does a detective/mystery book become unremarkably paranoid fantastical &threatening perhaps even a  clinker? well here is the plot. its simply because it the book was published before the F.B.I. director  reported to Congress that far right groups in the U.S. were the greatest  threat to our country for terrorist attack's. That Those attack's against American democracy of course occurred a few years later with the  assaults' on the nations capitol' ' That a plotted coup to overythrow a free and fair election, instigated by a con artist president  traitor.  on  A number of unhappy Iowa farmer have lost the due to bankruptcy. .This of course involve most likely the  economic cycles determined by the president the greedy bankers, most likely Jews and perhaps also alien's from a newly discovered planet Some 0f the farmers have coalesce   into a far right protest group who argue Among themselves about free speech  (protest )V. (direct action ?) As a Presidential campaign approaches and Iowa is is the first state to select 

FurBureBthe conclusion of 20r15’s GATHERING PREY was somewhat unexpected but not a total surprise. One would not expect to find Lucas unemployed for long, and this latest title provides a vehicle for switching his law enforcement gears and yet again renewing an always fresh and exciting series that has never shown signs of becoming staid or slowing down.