Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Friday, September 1, 2023

Danielle Steel,In his father's footsteps

 Catch ing up to trout birder   a .K. A.RAY.   With my months ago diagnosis of early early phase Alzheimer's my son having moved to Oregon due to the heat in Arizona, decided that it was time for me to sell my home In Spring Valley and moved to the towns nursing home and memory care facility.He    felt that since I was likely like his mother who was in  a more serious stage and was also violent that twas time for me to move on    That was a    error of judgment. so the move was made after selling my home and moving into the the senior housing part which means I don't need assisted living and that leaves me free to come and go as I want except for the fact that with Alzheimer's I lost my right  to legally drive my car which means I can't go any placefar awayUnless someone for example would drive me toMontana where I can trout fish up in the mountains and grizzly bear country Yes I've been a risk taker all my lifeAnd I've had a number of near your death experiences But the risks I take are always prudentGo back in the dayI brought my son's with me as they were old enough and this was at the beginning before there was pepper bear spray But we knew what to do and what not to do in at that time    she lives in Oregon and I live in Minnesota    much more recently with the loss of Mrs T. living alone as a widower in a senior facility seems almost unbearable     then I met a woman named Pat who had similar life experiences  to mineis with ' it's been great and not so great     she doesn't like Minnesota cold i don't like Oregon rain turning into ice with my vertigo                                   who loves dictators.

But the main problem is there are about several hundred women who live in the facility all nice little 

elderly widowsAnd I'm an elderly gentleman along withfive other males in the complex buildingsAll the activities hereAre oriented towards what women like to dowhich includes a coffee hourfor gossipingAnd after that playing bingoWhereEverybody whether they say bingo or not can win or getI half inch long candy bar.fierce competition at its burnt worst. WrongI recently asked the activities director hereIf she could possiblyFigure out something that a few men could play with outHaving to loseto winYes it's my deaf ear that makes it impossible for me to distinguish a seafrom a Dand a lettersWhat I can do here is what I've always done which is read a lotAnd I just finishedtwo books One by Danielle SteelAnother by

 shelby foote you may remember him as the narrator or one of them on the long ago series on television of the Civil War that was the one where the picturesWe're actual photographs from the Civil War eraNo I can't think of the guy's name who did those specials for several years like that.. I'll stop here now and begin working on my two book reviews starting with in his father's footstepsBy Daniel Steele. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done In a few days unlessSome other problem in my life crops up unexpectedly.,

sincerely trou Ray living in senior housing and fighting off Alzheimer's With a pill that's slowing the process   good faith that modern medicine at some wonderful clinics including mail Cleveland Houston and other places who are now sending messages to the CDC which say that they've made some progress on dealing with Alzheimer'sAnd  doctor Dr Kate in Rochester my neurologist says that's right  Mayo Clinic has a cureBut it has a side effect that needs to be fixed before it can become a prescription medicine and the. I'm now taking a pill which this is T help Pioneer at mail it slows the process of brain decline down and it has for me that's good andicure which iscomingwill happenHopefully sometime in the near future

cure is getting closer and closerIf you have friendsWho have thisNow fatal disease got off of disease Tell him there's hope and it's getting very close