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Troutbirder II
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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

As the stars fall

His name is dog. We don’t know why people haven’t named him yet. But we do know he lived in a big city in an alleyway with his pack. That is with his mother and siblings. Actually, he’s just a puppy and His mom and siblings have been taken away by the dog catchers. So this puppy is barely scraping an existence in the alleyway. He wanders about sniffing the ground for scraps of something to eat. He is alone, frightened, exhausted and meeting mean people who either ignore him or hurt him. It's a great story and here's why.
     At the beginning of a very sad introduction the book seems a little too slow till a young girl named Mia discovers Dog shivering and hiding in cardboard box. After petting the puppy gently Mia
 tells her father that Dog is injured and very sick and they have to help him. After much ado her father agrees.
     Of course, this must be a love story but remembering the author writes mysteries one never knows where he might take us in writing a book about a dog.

·        I read on to see  where the story went. It happens that cruel people abandon dogs in the countryside.  Unable to fend for themselves unless they are in a pack, dogs can only be saved by humans. We inherited such a dog when a farm family took her in on Easter Sunday and named her Lily. Later when that family was unable to care for Lily because of serious illness in their own family. Mrs. T and I in a sense  inherited a rescue dog and it was love at first sight. For certain, I was going to love this book because the story at the beginning seemed all too familiar. The first few chapters then seemed more like like déjà vu. It didn't stay that way though. Time passed and the little girl grew up and so did Kai his new human name, became a really big boy perhaps even a
  German Shepherd cross. There were Many adventures good times and much love. Mia had previously lost her mother due to cancer and so the new pack was Mia Kais Alpha master and dad. There were many adventures and much love. Kai explained all this in the way only a dog would think can understand. You see it all from the dog's point of view and that view turned darker and darker. Mia disappears and Kai doesn't understand why and he searches and searches just like he did at the beginning of the story for his mother and siblings's.

·        cancer. As the plot thickens our hero dog ends up starving under impossible circumstances. Thus like any good detective story we are drawn to the finish where the final truth will be revealed. Perhaps the  If you are a dog lover as millions are this story is for people of all ages. It is required reading. I highly recommend this book. It is indeed a remarkable and wonderful story


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Monday, August 10, 2020

Birthday present July sixteenth

I was born on July sixteenth 1941.  We are family.The banner was given to me in celebration of my 79th ninth birthday by my five grandchildren. They are a diverse group ranging in age from twins who are three up to a freshman in college. There are two girls and  three boys. Two are black adopted from Ethiopia and Rwanda. Three are white, born in Arizona and North Dakota
 The ones in school are all great kids and honors students and the Apple of Troutbirder's eye.
The banner says "in this home we believe" and that is true whether they are staying in grandpa's house or at their home in Arizona.
  The youngest boy in this picture name is Leo he will be driving two years so I called my son and daughter-in-law in Arizona to ask them what they have taught dealing with the police should he be pulled over for some minor violation. This the day of course that I watched a man murdered by the police in Minneapolis what a thing  a parent or grandparent have to do..........

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Big Fish Little Fish

When I started this nature blog lo those many years ago and with a name like trout birder I vowed to keep the focus away from pictures of dead fish, fisherman's hyperbole  and concentrate on beautiful birds and flowers. So I did mostly. BUT today with tons of snow falling and my snow
blower not starting and in a mood of nostalgia I give you.........
A rare "midget" brook trout caught deep in the Montana wilderness.
Colorado grandson shows off his first ever "brookie" (much bigger than Grandpa's. )
Rookie river fisherman takes a near record smallmouth from the Mighty Mississippi....
TB goes Crappie fishin......
Northern Northern!
Ted off the dock on Lake Vermillion...
Yup. That's a biggie son....