Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Big Fish Little Fish

When I started this nature blog lo those many years ago and with a name like trout birder I vowed to keep the focus away from pictures of dead fish, fisherman's hyperbole  and concentrate on beautiful birds and flowers. So I did mostly. BUT today with tons of snow falling and my snow
blower not starting and in a mood of nostalgia I give you.........
A rare "midget" brook trout caught deep in the Montana wilderness.
Colorado grandson shows off his first ever "brookie" (much bigger than Grandpa's. )
Rookie river fisherman takes a near record smallmouth from the Mighty Mississippi....
TB goes Crappie fishin......
Northern Northern!
Ted off the dock on Lake Vermillion...
Yup. That's a biggie son....


  1. i take a pic of most I catch, otherwise people just nod and say,"Oh sure."

  2. Your pics brought back lots of memories. By the shorts that Ted is wearing, I'd guess early 80's?

  3. I vague remember catching fish on Lake Pokegama. My late wife and her family were Minnesota summerites and I caught basically northern pike while trolling in a boat. That was probably 30 some years ago. My sons return there once in a while with that family and one of the guys loves to catch fish. You have a nice variety of fish there and sizes are different too.

  4. If it's snowing at your place today, some good fishing photos would warm things up.

  5. That was quite a fish story! It was a nice break for you to remember those days of fishing when the cold and snow are making life not quite as enjoyable.

  6. The first two wouldn't make much of a meal, but that last one... a feast!

  7. Beautiful fish, scenery, green grass and warm weather clothing. Nothing like ice, snow and cold to make your heart and mind wander to summer days. :)

  8. Oh! Dead fish and a lot of fun pictures! It's all right, TB. I enjoyed the pictures and although I don't need more, this was fun! :-)

  9. Stepping back into the memory bank is far superior to sitting in a ton of snow with a dead snow blower. Great memries, TB! (So that is what a Crappie looks like?)

  10. As a former resort owner who took lots of dead fish photos you had some interesting catches...that last photo is wonderful:)

  11. What nice memories pictures give us to browse on wintry days. May springtime see you back at the river with the boy. :)

  12. Love these pictures! I used to fish for Pike in North Dakota, with my Dad, many years ago. Great memories.

  13. You have some nice trophies.

    We got our first dumping. We get our driveway cleared, but they didn't do well on their first day of the season.

  14. That drift behind the boy in the second picture looks very fishy.
    Yeah, I feel your pain. I've got two feet in the front yard, and have been shoveling every four hours or so.

  15. What an amazing coincidence. My first couple photos are of Santa Claus who looks exactly like you. Wishing you all a wonderful new year and looking forward to your posts in 2016.

  16. YoungerSon loves fishing, in fact he is going on an ice fishing weekend at the end of January. I should show him these pictures.

  17. Dec. 31st, 2015 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR ... dear Blogger friend ... and all best wishes for you and yours. I look forward to receiving your comments in 2016.

  18. What do fish do when there's two feet of snow on the ground? I can't imagine that they go through old pictures, although I can't rule it out, either. I simply don't know.

  19. Love the fish. And I've enjoyed your posts this year. Hope 2016 brings much happiness for you and Mrs. T. Happy New Year.

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