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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall Leaf Tours

This year our fall "leaf tour" will be to New England. It will be a group tour, taking a plane to Boston, then north by bus. Our most recent fall trip was to the Ozarks. It was a great trip by car. I picked the routes and the timing. There was only one problem. We got there two weeks too early and nary a leaf had changed.
Ok so I goofed. Now we have an excuse to go back sometime. Actually, the trip was a lot of fun. Some highlights include:

Heading west from St Louis, following the Missouri through the "Rhineland region" toward Jefferson city. Beautiful vista, enchanting small river towns and a visit to a winery. We also visited Daniel Boones home. I like to have thought that perhaps an aged Boone watched Lewis and Clark heading up the Missouri River on their epic "Journey of Discovery."

When we reached Jefferson City we turned south and headed into Arkansaw. Here we were surrouned by a dark green forest as the highway wandered through the Ozarks. Big Springs State Park was stunningly beautiful. One of the largest springs in the United States

We found some nice places to eat back in the woods.
Mountain Home State Park in Arkansas was another interesting spot. Traditional pioneer crafts and concerts highlighted our day.

This year though we are off to Ben and Jerry's and to stop off and visit The Von Trapps!


  1. So beautiful! I am so looking forward to the fall now. :c)

  2. That red house w/ that beautiful stream would make a wonderful painting. Daniel Boone has a pretty nice house!
    Looking forward to Fall!

  3. Lovely photos. The best thing about fall color is that it is so gorgeous even if you don't hit the "peak." Around here, predictions start early and the hotels fill up.

    This year, a second year of severe drought, there are mixed opinions about the fall colors. Some experts say it will be spectacular because the trees are stressed. Others say there will be little color and the leaves will turn brown because the trees are stressed. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Hope you find wonderful color on your trip.

  4. I know how disappointing it is to plan a trip around the fall colors and miss them. We have probably all done that. Looks like you had a wonderful trip and saw some great scenery anyway.

  5. I envy your trip to New England. Beautiful any time but spectacular in the fall.

  6. Your New England autumn leaves tour makes me lonesome for the hardwood forests of my Allegheny youth.

    The aspens & alpine larch are beautiful as they change colors too, but nothing like the Eastern hardwood forest.

    Look forward to those October photos. Enjoy!

  7. It seems that you had a great vacation, whether the fall leaves were there or not! You should find those beautiful leaves "out east," though. Hope the weather cooperates!! :-) Have a great time.

  8. Fall leaf tour?! Sounds too early to ME, but I'm just going through end-of-summer withdrawl...looks like fun regardless! :)