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Troutbirder II
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cuteness Personified

Suffering from a serious case of "writers block" this morning, I am forced to rely on my faithful readers for inspiration with SICS. That's "Sudden Inspired Creativity Syndrome." If you would be so kind as to put in the comments section a caption for any or all of the following labeled pictures I would greatly appreciated your assistance. The winning nominee in each category will be given full credit. Thank you!


Picture A: "Just Hangin Around" - MonaPicture B: Technical Difficulties
Picture C: "Panda Yoga Class" - Dog GeekPicture D: "Got Milk" - Mona

Picture E

Picture F: "Forgive me Father, For I Have Sinned" - Troutbirder

Picture G: "Push Harder" - Mona

Picture H

Picture I : "I Know I Shouldn't Have Had That One For The Road" - Joan

Remember this is a family oriented blog! :)


  1. Wonderfully cute photos.

    It makes me sad that Tai Shan is going back to China. I read this article about how bad Panda's diets are in China and how they have no energy and do very little except eat. Living here, Tai Shan had much better food and he was very active and healthy. Sad.

  2. Picture b missing???
    Pic C: New species of mushroom is discovered in China.

    Pic G: Grunt

    Pic I: I Spy

  3. Absolutely adorable! How could they be any cuter?
    Picture A: "Just Hanging Around"
    Picture C: "We know it's in here somewhere!"
    Picture D: "Got Milk?"
    Picture E: "In The Panda Pool"
    Picture F: "Time Out"
    Picture G: "Push Harder!"
    Picture H: "Stop Tickling Me!!"
    Picture I: "Oh dear, how do I get back down?"

  4. Picture C: Panda Yoga Class (Downward Panda)

  5. Picture H "We'll always have Paris".

  6. Picture A: "I just can't seem to get comfortable."
    Picture I: "What was I doing? Oh yeah, climbing a tree."

  7. Hi troutbirder, Cute photos! I don't think I could do anything that would improve them... But I do see some clever contributions as titles so far. :-)

  8. Picture C definitely has a "We're not worthy" vibe.

  9. Picture A definitely says "Hey Ma, look at me!" :)

    Picture I: "I know I should not have had that one-for-the road". LOL!!

    What a lovely series TB. These pandas are so cute.