Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The fishing hadn't been the greatest that day. So toward evening we took a leisurely cruise down
the east shoreline of beautiful Mantrap Lake in northern
Minnesota. It had been clear skies all day, but now the
clouds began to gather as twilight approached. Rain was forecast for later that evening. We were headed towards Steamboat Bay at the far northern end of the lake
Thinking about the forecast, I turned my weather eye
up to the clouds ahead of us. It was all looking pretty innocuous. Then I saw him.
A giant was peering down a us. Who was it???
A mighty warrior leading his minions across the great forest of the north was my first thought.
Was it a Norse god - perhaps Odin or Thor with his mighty hammer?
Maybe Zeus preparing to cast his thunderbolts down upon us?
Then I looked again and saw Janus the two faced god.
The other face looking back to the west was..... was.... Jimmy Durante? He of the big nose. Or maybe two Presidents... Tricky Dick & Bubba.....
Relaxing, I chuckled to myself. No big storm to be afraid of tonight! Now who do you see???


  1. I love to do that. Watch clouds morph from one for to another. Can totally see the two presidents.

  2. I've gotten some pretty cool cloud pics in my day, too. Love your descriptions. Not sure who I see though!

  3. That's a cool cloud. And it doesn't look too scary, even if it DOES look like Tricky Dick to me, too... :-)

  4. You're a good writer as well as a good photographer. I agree with you about the two presidents in the cloud. This is a neat post. Thank you.

  5. Fun to watch and imagine shapes.Those clouds can come in fast.

  6. I like to watch the clouds too and let my imagination soar! Did you know that Mantrap Lake was named because men actually got lost on the lake and off the lake because of all its peninsulas and bays! If you get up there again..I will buy you coffee and pie:)

  7. Definitely Durante on the left. On the right? Lincoln?

  8. Look at your pretty blue sky! Mine is gray today. :(

    Have a happy week!
    xo Catherine

  9. Gosh, Ray, it's too early and my eyes won't focus. Love the shot, though. :)