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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Baseball Statistics

I received the following email this morning from a friend and fellow Minnesota Twins fan.  He is a statistics guru. I prefer the longer view
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2014 8:32 AM
To: Troutbirder
Subject: Baseball

I thought I would pass on an interesting statistic from this season to you.
The starting pitcher for the Giants last nite (Bumgartner sp?) had 4 home
runs this year (78 at bats).  A player for the Twins (Mauer) matched that
total (450 at bats).  Unfortunately, Mauer did not match Bumgartner's ERA.
Troutbirder sez:
I don't know anything about the Giants but I do know that the Twins have had 4 miserable losing seasons in a row and my fellow St. Paulite former All-Star Joe Mauer is one of the highest paid players in major league baseball.

Troutbirder replies to his friend:
"When my father criticized the effeminate nature of the great pianist and
entertainer Liberaces style, a great fan of his, my mother, would say, and I
quote, "he is no doubt laughing all the way to the bank."


  1. Yep, I like your mother's quote.

  2. You bet - I like your mother's quote too!

  3. I am not a baseball fan, but my mother was a fan of Liberace, and the quote attributed to him became a well used saying in our family.

  4. That's for sure... There are MANY MANY celebrities out there (not only in sports but in the music industry, movies, TV, politics, etc. etc. etc.) ---who are doing a POOR job --but making tons of money... Yes, they are laughing all of the way to the bank... Gads!


  5. Joe won't go hungry.
    I feel badly for teams like the Braves who are stuck with future years of high salaries for underachieving athletes.
    My Marlins may be near the bottom performance wise but at least they aren't making killer salaries.

  6. I am at a complete loss when it comes to sports and their statistics but I doubt if that matters at all to the ones that laugh as they walk to the bank !

  7. He's not the first, and certainly won't be the last to earn a lot of money for bad work. Heck, it's true of a few co-workers of mine as well.

    I like your mom's quote. :)

  8. LOL ~ love Lin's comment and have to agree!
    Fun post and so true.

  9. Your Mother was a smart lady! I am so not into professional sports anymore...I used to love Harmon Killabrew and Bob Allison...
    Nowadays it is all about the money and they are not very good role models for kids...sad.
    I prefer College Hockey!!!!:)

  10. Oh, my grandparents loved Liberace. I'm sure they had no clue that he was a little light in the loafers.

  11. Loved your response to this. I'm not a sporty person but I did like Liberace. He was fun and he could certainly play that piano.

  12. TB
    How about your Gophers, though. They are having a good year.

  13. Great response. My grandmother used to say the same thing.