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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eblog Surprise

Eblog surprise

Instead of repeating my recent whining about eblogs complications I got a fun surprise a few day ago with an interesting comment on my newly reopened and updated Troutbirder II blog.  I reposted and updated a post from years ago on a trip we took to France focusing on a visit to the D-Day invasion beaches in Normandy.  This allowed me to use pictures from my Picasa storage bin, so far so good, though the spacing and arrangement of the new text was terrible. Just two comments (you have to click on the red van near the top of this blog to go to Troutbirder II) but the second one is very unusual.  Here is just a part of it….

La France est championne :

- du racket des biens d’autrui ; du juteux business sous couvert d’une certaine mémoire……..

- de l’information arbitraire par les médias………. .

- de la persécution à l’encontre des victimes qui résistent…………..

Now if I could read French I’d have a reply but what I do know is that

Francoise Gondree, the author of the comment, has the same family name as the owners of the house/ shop I mentioned in my post on Pegasus Bridge, which you can see here or by clicking on that little red van (top left) 
Around the world our blogs go and what fun it is....
And if any of you followers out there can translate French to English.... :)


  1. copy and paste it into google translate. :)

  2. I can read a word or two. That's it. You might get some semblance of understanding by doing the translation through Google, but there might be some things that are not translated correctly.

  3. It's a small world isn't it? Hope you find the translation.

  4. Right click and you get a menu that has translate into English.

  5. That is the great thing about blogging, isn't it?! I know you will get it translated :)

  6. According to Google Translate, is says...
    France is champion:
    - Racketeering property of others; juicy business under cover of a certain memory ...... ..
    - The arbitrary media information .......... .
    - The persecution of victims who resist ............ ..

    Pegasus Bridge
    I - A True Story disseminate

    2 - A stolen Museum - A scandal to report

    Pegasus Bridge, the Usurpation Volume I

    Pegasus Bridge & Merville Battery Museum

    BP 5
    14860 Ranville

  7. Replies to your translation query has helped me. Thank you, TB. I will try and get to your other blog soon, maybe in the New Year. Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you and your wife.

  8. It really is interesting to see how far and wide our blogs travel, isn't it? I am glad to have you in my blog universe, TB. Hope you get it all sorted out in 2015. Happy New Year! :-)

  9. I see that others have supplied a Google translation. It's getting better than it used to be but has not yet attained perfection. :)

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog again. Love that. What a great looking doggie! Our current dog is a Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix. He's very cute.