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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Book Review Club

I'm all excited tonight because I've been asked to join The Book Review Club. This means my book reviews will, in addition to being on my Troutbirder II blog,  also be linked to The Book Review Club on the first Wednesday of each month. The various reviewers will include both Young Adult and Adult fiction and non fiction.  My first review posted tomorrow will be
One Good Dog, a novel by Susan Wilson.
You can read the review now by clicking on the picture of Mark Twain above.
Or it will be available tomorrow  (3/4/15) along with other books reviewed at
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  1. Sounds right up your line, you read a lot.

  2. Great! More books for me to read. Thanks, TB. :-)

  3. Love a good dog book. Waiting for your review.

  4. I'm glad to hear it. You're good at that and more people should read you. I think of your reviews as literary criticism for the general reader.

    Whose edification has been overlooked for a long time but the importance of which has a long tradition in working class politics.

    A working class wordsmith in the tradition of the progressive prairie populist.

    1. Thanks Bubba. I wasn't looking for such a comment but it made my day...:)