Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Midsummer Beauties

It was quite pleasant here in Bluff Country the last few weeks, so Mrs. T.,  Lily and I had been starting our nature hikes earlier and earlier each day.  We had headed out a half hour west onto the flat land of the tall grass (Big Bluestem) prairie at Lake Louise.     The state park was all to ourselves.

 Lily led the way across the trail bridge over the Little Iowa River and then we headed through the woods to the Shooting Star Bike Trail. Here the vista opened up as we crossed a remnant of prairie that once long ago stretched West to the Rocky Mountains.
Lily on the trail amongst the early sunflowers...
The neat thing about all of this is that from midsummer until November the colorfull palette changes as new flowers and different combinations make their appearance. I'll go back often to watch this amazing showg ago stretched all the way to the Rocky Mountains. Come on along and enjoy.
Brown Eyed Susan
Gray Coneflower and Fleabane
Purple Coneflower

Culver Root

Joe Pye Weed
Butterfly Weed

Unopened Blue Gentian
Wild Phlox
Gayfeather (Liatris)
All photographs taken in Mother Natures Garden......



  1. Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking me along on your wildflower hunt. :-)

  2. You know your plants. Geat photo. Keep on taking your nature walks.

  3. Oh my-the flowers are spectacular!
    I love to get out early--it always means a peaceful time to enjoy nature fully. Have a great week, you two!

  4. The wildflowers are wonderful as are their surroundings. I envy you being able to take Lily for a nature walk.

  5. Wonder why it's called Gray Coneflower, when it's yellow? You can tell I'm not a plant person.

  6. Would be great to visit in person, but thanks for the photos.

  7. Beautiful wildflowers in your area; We have the Joe Pye weed here --but I had never known the name... thanks!!!

    Love Sunflowers. We recently visited Biltmore (Asheville, NC) and saw lots and lots of sunflowers.... GORGEOUS..

    Glad you are out hiking... It's still hotter than blue blazes here in TN --so we won't start our early morning hike again for awhile... I am SO ready for Fall.


  8. What amazing wildflowers you have to stroll among. The butterfly weed is my favorite. I've tried to grow it several times but is seems to prefer ditches and unmanicured areas.

  9. Love them wildflowers! Lucky you.

  10. What a beautiful display. And nice to have it all to yourselves in the early morning.

  11. You're fortunate to have a place to walk with such ever-changing beauty. The wildflowers are gorgeous.

  12. Very nice! I have many of those "wildflowers" in my garden. They do well with little watering...if any.

  13. What a wonderful walk through the wildflowers! Lily and Mrs T are looking good! :)