Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Some Favorite Poems

I've started a list of some of my favorite poems. Click on Mark Twain above to jump to Troutbirder II- Reviews and Views.

And yes there's even one about trout fishing...:)


  1. That's a nice looking Montana cutthroat, the Madison?
    Regarding your post on Bubba's site....I agree. I would have said so there, but I've fallen out of favor with him. He once said that I use my VN vet status to some bad end....
    I think the idea that the membership of the Democratic Socialist party is up close to 30K irrelevant. We have over 120 million voters in this wretched country, and 59 million of them voted for fucking trump. The socialist or communist or anarchist party are going to remain what they've been for 70 years: irrelevant, with some great ideas that will never take hold here in this country.

    Do I think it's hopeless? No. But we need to elect a Democrat, who will lead us on the right path. Then maybe we can ease it to the left. The idea of revolution is silly. The 'revolution', if something like it comes, will be far, far from what Bubba would want. It'll go the opposite direction.

    1. Good analysis. Your also close on the river but it's the Lamar...:)