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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garden Guard Dog

A total of fourteen expert dog trainers (including police dog trainers) were consulted to compile this list of the top ten best guard dog breeds. During their evaluation they considered not only a dog's temperament and physical strength, but its courage, loyalty, and resistance to pain. There are some dogs who possess all of these qualities but didn't make the list because of their small size. Chihuahuas, most breeds of Terriers, and Miniature Schnauzers are certainly brave, but unfortunately can easily be dealt with by an intruder.

The top 10 guard dogs as chosen by the experts are:
#10 Staffordshire Terrier
#9 Kuvasz
#8 Rhodesian Ridgeback
#7 German Shepherd
#6 Giant Schnauzer
#5 Puli
#4 Komondor
#3 Rottweiler
#2 Doberman Pinscher
#1 Bullmastiff
As you can see my precious South Woodland Flower garden is "guarded" by a top ten dog. At #7 his breed (GSD) is known for their willingness, even eagerness, to put it all on the line to defend a few hepaticas. Upon a proper introduction though, Baron will be more than happy to show you around. We will need to stay on the path. It quite a maze in here.

The South Garden has filled in quite nicely from the gooseberry patch of a few years ago. I built a wall with limestone rock to separate it from the turnaround parking area adjacent to the garage. The rocks also delineates the pathway. Many of the wildflowers were taken from the flower gardens on our old property next door.
I love my hostas in the woods and keep adding more and dividing and replanting more. The more there are the fewer I remember their names. I tend to say things like "oh here's one that looks great in the dappled light."

"Or this one's a Sagae, I think....maybe." Etc.

There are several kinds of lamium and some make great groundcovers. Yes, they can try to take over, but I wasn't a classroom teacher all those years for nothing.

Thanks for the tour Baron. Good boy!


  1. Hi TB, WOW---you have a gorgeous garden. I love those Hostas. We have hostas also--but they aren't as full yet.

    Does Baron 'weed' the garden for you????? ha ha .... Good Doggie!!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Thanks for the nice garden walk. I think Baron should be at the top of the list. I am sure he is number one in your heart though. I think he is use to getting his photo taken because he actually poses for it. He is so smart!!

  3. Thanks for the garden tour - tell Baron to keep up the good work!

  4. What a great tour guide, and what a gorgeous garden you have there! Love the garden plaque too. :c)

  5. Amazing garden, Baron sure is handy with the hostas, huh?! Haven't been here in awhile, your garden and bird sightings are may be retired but it doesn't look like you let the grass grow under you much!

    Take care-

  6. Nice walk through your garden. Thanks be to you and Baron.

  7. Great garden tour and wonderful tour guide! Thank you!!

  8. Very lovely, peaceful gardens.

    I agree with most of the list. Had a Rottweiler years ago and he was by far the most courageous creature I've ever met. Not the smartest, but the bravest.

  9. Very beautiful garden !!

  10. Hello Tb. I am surprises to see the GS at #7. Here they are used almost exclusively with a few Dobermans thrown in too.

    I LOVE gooseberries!! :)

  11. What a pretty garden you have. I'm sure Baron does a good job of protecting it from squirrels and chipmunks in addition to being tour guide!
    I recognize some of those dogs on your list that I've read are employed as guard dogs for sheep too.