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Troutbirder II
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Sunday, May 9, 2010


First there was Max, half Golden, half German Shorthair. He was an early version of Marley from the movie and an amazing hunter. Then came Chessie the Chesappeake Bay Retriever. She grew up with our boys and played and hunted pheasants, grouse and waterfowl.
Their was Ben. Ben was a big lovable goofus. He had a good nose but most of all liked to run and run and run. I think he was part horse and part greyhound. The running part eventually got him into big trouble.
Sweet tempered Muffy was my last hunting dog. She was also a Chesapeake. She was gentle and friendly. And a strong girl in the field. After a year without a dog, we decided a companion guard dog would be just right for us. We named him Baron. He was a GSD.

He immediately showed he was not going to be a dog to be trifled with.... attacking my slippers.

Still, he zealously guarded Mrs T's property.
That first spring, he went to visit his cousin Hercules, who lives in Colorado. He swiped Herc's bone. Not good! Baron was a problem child right from the start. I was so worried his ears would never stand up.
And proud when they did!
We decided he needed to go to class. Being German he was stubborn. Let's put it this way.... he was not a straight A student. Not being a highly trained hunting dog, he has been basically spoiled rotten.

And yet, now at three, he follows me everywhere.
We love adventure wherever we can find it. Going for a swim.
And fetching.
Meeting new friends.
Baron being a young studly guy now and me in the so-called "golden years," he walks and runs somewhat faster than I do these days. Yet, when he gets too far ahead, he will stop and wait for me to catch up. That's one of things that "best buds" do for each other.


  1. Terrific post and love the series of photos and your narrative. Baron's a good boy.

  2. oh, dammit, you scared the panties off of me. I feared you were writing sad news about Baron......

    Luv that dog. Thanks for the otherwise lovely post.

  3. Same here, I was praying for no bad news and pleasantly surprised there was none. Love Germans, big beautiful strong dogs. Awesome post!

  4. Kia ora TB,
    Nothing better than good friends who understand each other. I am wondering on my rehabilitative walks if a freind on my own would not be pleasant.

  5. He's a beauty! I've had a German Shepard that was born wild and he was my favorite dog ever!

  6. what a lovely post about baron...good dog!

  7. What a wonderful friend you have there. :c)

  8. Baron is a beautiful dog. He should be around for a long time! :-)

  9. He seems to be working out well for you. Very different from a hunting dog, but a great companion.

  10. I remember when you were so proud when his ears finally stood up. Just don't let him run in front of your bike. Or do you ride anymore?

    I was afraid something had happened to Baron, glad this had a happy ending.

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  11. TB, you can no longer start ANY post with "Baron..." All of us thought the worst. I was getting ready to cry (being menopausal and the owner of two GSDS, it doesn't take much.)

    I believe I remember this post from some time back or maybe you added to it... in any event, I'm glad that Baron and his best buddy are doing well. :)

  12. You are such a devoted dog lover. I loved seeing all the photos. Dogs are such amazing animals. They have a way of sneaking in and stealing our hearts. Baron is no exception. He is so loyal. Handsome too. I can't think of a better best friend.
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog also. You are a great friend.

  13. You had so many great dogs! I always thought about the Chesapeake, and I also love shepherds. I told my husband he can have one when we get a bigger home. Your Baron was an adorable puppy - I can see why he got spoiled quickly! :-) And how nice to have such a wonderful companion!!

  14. What a lucky man you are to have had such great dogs to be a part of your life. I feel that way about the two previous and two current dogs we have. Just great buds...what more can you ask?

  15. Ahh, what a sweet tribute to your best bud! He's grown into such a fine looking dog, stubborn German that he is. I resemble that remark; well, at least I'm half--German, that is. All stubborn, though:)

  16. Part of me absolutely yearns to have a dog again, but I know it's just not a good idea right now. I made the mistake of holding a teensy-tiny, sweet as honey, little puppy a few months ago. My heart was so filled--it was like the scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy opens the door of the black & white house & everything outside is in brilliant color. When I gave the owner back their little darling, I practically heard the sucking noise coming from my heart. I became aware of a massive emptiness I'd been blissfully unaware of until that point.
    Dogs are wonderful friends. I think humanity would be better off if we tried to emulate dogs more. I mean, they have absolutely NO guile about them. Nothing is so willing to give away it's own guiltiness. "Yes," the dog says with pleading, apologetic eyes, "Yes, I did it...but I didn't mean to!"
    Gads...I should never have held that puppy.

  17. Like the others, I got a nasty shock thinking this was a memorial post. Good to hear Baron is going strong. What a sweetie!

  18. Beautiful story...a boy and his dog never grow old.

  19. I totally relate to this post. I find Scout doing the same thing on our walks. She runs ahead of me, but stops and waits for me to catch up. I imagine she is thinking, "come on Mom! Lets go"

    GSDs are the best!