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Troutbirder II
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Friday, July 16, 2010


We went up to St. Croix State Park in early June this summer. A week in the North Woods seemed like a good idea.... till we got there. Three days of off and on rain (mostly on) and hordes of giant bloodthirtsy Minnesota mosquitoes just about did us in. We did a lot of back road driving though, checking out the scenery and wildlife. Here are some highlights: The St. Croix River was a favorite canoeing venue of my youth and later the place where I taught my two sons, at an early age, how to paddle. Later, it became one of the first nationally designated "Wild and Scenic Rivers." Today, it remains the only such river, clear and unpolluted, within easy distance of a major metropolitan area in the east ( Twin Cities).
We did see lots of deer on our drives and a really unusual Mom and baby combination who crossed the road in front of us
We also stopped at an overlook of a large swampy area. There, in a strange way, I was reminded of my first piano lessons. My mom had purchased a book of "easy" childhood songs for me to learn to play. One of the songs came back to me on that overlook....

"A frog he would a-wooing go, mm mm, mm mm,
A frog he would a-wooing go,
Whether his mother would let him or no, mm mm, mm mm."

The chorus was almost deafening. I made a video of the scene and sound, unfortunately blogger wouldn't accept it.

It was spring allright....and romance was in the air!


  1. Oh, the sound of all of them in the evening! :c) Frog romance is loud and happy... lol!

  2. Love your pics.....especially the porcupines......adorable. Lovely river too.

  3. Those Minnesota mosquitoes are legendary. I have read other bloggers' complaints about them. Too bad you had to encounter them, but I am glad they are up there instead of here. Your photos are really nice.

  4. Looks beautiful there. We know all about mosquitoes here in Montana!

  5. Beautiful pic of the river! Enjoyed the baby porcupine photo :-) I agree, mosquitoes are a bummer.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that the river is the last of its kind, although I suppose I should appreciate that there's at least one left, these days. <:(
    I've had problems with videos on blogger, too. I ended up starting a YouTube account for all of my videos & then I just embed them in my posts (where applicable.)

  7. Kia ora TB,
    Have spent a bit of time on the lovely St. Croix myself, it has a powerful soul. I well remember too many a humid day and night chasing off hordes of Minnesota and, or, Wisconsin mozzies. Not too worried about that here right now in the middle of our NZ winter.


    My memory of that song is all about Burl Ives - this recording of it is a little fancier than I recall from the 1950s but it will bring back memories nonetheless. Enjoy!

  9. Sorry to hear about the rain and bugs, but it looks like it was worth it for the gorgeous scenery – nice shots! How cool to see a porcupine and baby cross the road (and survive the journey.)

  10. Aren't those mosquitoes getting out of hand!!! They are getting to be as big as crows I think! ;)

    Cute baby porcupine!!! I got a photo of a huge owl yesterday! I only saw him for a moment and then he moved deeper into the trees. He was beautiful ~ nature ~ so wonderful!!!

    Have a great week friend!