Troutbirder II

Troutbirder II
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Friday, June 25, 2021


A almost-80 year-old man is having a drink in Racks bar and Grill.Suddenly a gorgeous girl enters and sits down a few seats away.The girl is so attractive that he just can't take his eyes off her.

After a short while, the girl notices him staring, and approaches him.Before the man has time to apologies, the girl looks him deep in the eyes and says to him in a sultry tone: "I'll do anything you'd like. Anything you can imagine in your wildest dreams, it doesn't matter how extreme or unusual it is, I'm game. I want $400, and there's another condition.”
Completely stunned by the sudden turn of events, the man asks her what her condition is.
"You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words.
The man takes a moment to consider the offer from the beautiful woman.
He whips out his wallet and puts $400 dollars into her hand.
He then looks her square in the eyes, and says slowly and clearly: 
"Paint my house.”

Our needs change as we get older, and we tend to look for bargains!


  1. Why don't I ever meet women like that?

  2. I might have said "Wash my truck"....Pretty funny, Ray. Hope you are well. It's hot here, I'm in Seattle at my youngest's place, supposed to hit 105 this weekend. Glad she has AC.

  3. Dear Ray, you've made my day by bringing laughter into it. I'm still chuckling even as I type. thank you! Peace.

  4. Hilarious. Have you eatched Ricky Gervais’ brilliant show ‘Afterlife’? I think you would relate.

  5. Dear Ray, you haven't posted for a month. Are you okay? I hope all is well and you're just taking some time off. Take care. Be gracious to yourself. Peace.