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Troutbirder II
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Banned But Not Forgotten

So what exactly is Baron doing standing on the table, on the deck, outside the dinning room window? Why is he moaning piteously, looking extremely depressed and tilting his head as if to say, "I don't understand."

He wants to get in the house... of course!

Then why in the world has this sweet, gentle, lovable, almost two, giant, overgrown goofus been banned from coming in since this spring."

BECAUSE ACCORDING TO MRS TROUTBIRDER HE SHEDS LIKE CRAZY. Sadly it's true. All my previous hunting dogs (Chessapeakes and Labs) had short tight hair.

Mr. Baron has a very thick short undercoat and long silky guardhairs which keep him warm in his kennel, in the garage, all winter. But come spring and it sheds off him in clouds. You can actually see it flying off when he runs about.

Now he is not exactly being deprived. We have an "invisible" fence so he has the run of over an acre outside. Then he gets to go along on most of my adventures and misadventures, hiking, biking and swimming. Also he is my ace assistant on all yard and gardening projects.

Still, whenever I sit down to eat at the dinning room table, I have this feeling I'm being watched. I look back over my shoulder and....... good grief its Baron.
For now he has to eat on the front porch. " Winter is coming boy. Then you get to come in the kitchen, maybe even the living room when the new wood floor is installed.
Things are looking up boy!


  1. Apparently, there are no guesses as to who's coming to dinner at your house. Don't you just love the pets when they avail themselves of anything (like furniture) to help them get a look-see?

  2. Awww... How can you stand it when he peeks in at you like that? Do all German Shepherds shed like that? My husband really wants one for our next dog.

  3. A fact about German Shepherds: they only shed once a year... for 365 days. (To answer lynne's question in the comments, yes - don't get a GSD unless you are prepared for a lot of dog hair!)

  4. We found a wonderful tool for managing undercoats. It's called a Furminator
    and you can purchase one at most pet supply places.

    It is specifically designed to remove the dead undercoat hairs without damaging living hairs. This is one tool that lives up to the hype. I don't know how we managed two Golden Retrievers without it. (Well, yes I do. I vacuumed even more often.)

    You will find it SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the shedding.

  5. Hey troutbirder,
    I had no idea you were blogging about shedding too!!

    Yep, German Shepherds are known as German Shedders.

    Germans Shepherds are one of the top shedding breeds.

    Love your pics. Aw Baron standing on the table looking in the dining room, LOL, too cute!

  6. That is the cutest thing Iv'e seen. What personallity he must have. Thanks for sharing

  7. He's so beautiful! Please give his ears a stroke for me.

  8. That is the way it would be at my house, except we don't have any pets. Just grandson, he doesn't shed, and somehow I think if he did he could still come in the house. :)

  9. You have a grrrrreat looking shepherd :) Great blog !!

  10. Ah. A new wood floor will be wonderful. Do you think he'll like it better? ;-) (At least, perhaps, he'll be more welcome indoors!) ha.

  11. Beautiful boy. Don't you just love shepherds?

    We have two shepherds in the house + two cats upstairs. We live in a 100+ year-old farm house with wood floors -- I am sweeping constantly! But, that's country life. Give a little, get alot in return.

    Have a good one!