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Troutbirder II
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Flowers In Florida?

I've been out this week shooting spring wildflower pictures. The woods come alive with them over the next few weeks here in Bluff Country. This morning, I realized we had a bunch of wildflower pictures from Florida that Mrs. T took recently. The problem is, while I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on native wildflowers here........I don't have a clue as to what any of the following plants are in Florida. Suggestions are more than welcome! Click on pictures for more detail.

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Picture D

Picture E

Picture F

Picture G

Picture H

Picture I

Picture J

Wildflowers - "these are a few of my favorite things." And then I don't feel so sad.


  1. I can't offer much help either. I don't know a weed from a flower. They are very pretty though.

  2. pic H is called lantana-
    pic D looks exactly like my coreopsis-
    okay, that's all I've for you!

  3. Afraid I'm not a flower person either, but they're all lovely.

  4. Beautiful flowers, but you are cheating going to Florida to get them. Great pictures.

  5. Hi troutbirder! I'm not much help, either... however, I think I know a couple of them. After looking at your other comments, Jeannie Oliver has mentioned the two I was going to say. ;-)

    Happy Spring to you!

  6. My, I am a pitiful wildflower girl, but I did guess that H was lantana! LOL!

  7. "A" is Pontederia cordata Common Name: PICKERELWEED, a Florida native!

  8. "C" is some type of morning-glory Ipomoea sp.

    "D" is indeed coreopsis which is Florida's state WILDflower.

    "E" is Taxodium distichum aka BALD-CYPRESS and also is native.

    "F" maybe beach sunflower Helianthus sp.

    "J" looks like moonflower also Ipomoea Sp.

  9. You could try
    I've had a lot of luck getting plant IDs there.