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Troutbirder II
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Saturday, June 9, 2018

G7 report

Direct from Montana : another fly fisherman's perspective......


  1. In this case, the Europeans are mad because Trump increased some of their tariffs.

    This low tariff regime we're on now is nothing but basic Reaganomics. It's part of the "let corporations run wild" philosophy where if those at the top prosper something will trickle down onto us. (Hillary Clinton had no intention of changing our trade policy, and in fact wanted the TPP, the biggest Reaganomics trade agreement of them all, which she started negotiating when she was secretary of state.

    Some countries, France for example, need tariffs to protect industries like farming when they can't compete with the big corporations of a global scale. NAFTA put a lot of small Mexican farmers out of business and that was behind a big uptick in illegal immigration.

    The alternative is to say you just don't need farms in your country. And what happens if there's a blockade? What will you eat? And with no farms in your country people can charge you anything they want for food.

    The US tried to protect it's nascent solar industry with tariffs on Chinese solar panels but because of Reaganomics trade agreements (most of which were actually signed by conservative Democrats Clinton and Obama) we got sued at the World Trade Organization and lost, so we have to buy Chinese solar panels.

    Some US cities are already requiring solar panels on new construction. That'll mean a lot of solar industry jobs, in China.

  2. I'm not going there! Take care - Hilary

  3. I think he is doing just fine, better than some in recent years. The media won't give him a break...I still like him and will vote for him again:)