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Troutbirder II
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Friday, January 13, 2017


One the plus side, finally, after weeks of complications my beloved, easy to type desktop has been returned in fine working order. Yea!!!!
Here it's been one of those slow winter days for me and a certain G.S. D.  The weather seems to becoming more of a determining factor as sub zero temperatures and icy roads
and sidewalks  tend to discourage me from long hikes with the dog. Maybe even the creative process is being hindered. In any case, coming up with a new blogging topic today has been a struggle but with there is always hope... Lets go back a few summers and remember.....
From the musical Cats
 "If you touch me. All alone with my memory. Of my days in the sun.
You'll understand what happiness is
Look a new day has begun."

  Places. Events. Things. Sounds. Tastes. Smells. Most of all people. All parts of our memories. And the green of summer gardens & flowers.

"  An Epiphyllum or orchid cactus."  
This beautiful plant, much like some sort of a giant Christmas cactus, reminds me of a friend. She is mostly gone from my life now, living far away. Her name is Mary Ann. She was teacher colleague and mentor for me in the art of organizational politics. She once gave me a small cutting which many years later hangs from the front porch. Each time I see it I think of her....

People: a neighbor, Angie, who offered me a "few" plants for my new shady garden. When she filled up my lawn tractor wagon with them, I knew the garden could not fail. Thinking of this special place, I cannot help but be reminded of her generosity.

These beautiful yellow irises came from my Uncle Walt. Fond memories spring forth of his gentle humor and his three brothers (including my father) debating the politics of that time in my childhood. "He should never have fired McArthur!" "Yes he should have. The military is to be under civilian control. Besides Truman is for the working man."

This battered old kerosene lantern came from my parents neighbor Art. Art was a yard engineer for the Milwaukee Road. Memory transports me again back to my childhood in the early 50's. I'm on a turntable inside the cab of a steam engine. Throwing a shovel of coal into the firebox. Pulling a cord for the whistle. Doing that which most little boys could only dream of.... Thanks Art.
Memory. It often keeps  me going.

For more details on orchid cacti. Click on link below.


  1. It's nice when the people that pass through our lives leave a little reminder of themselves.
    I'm still nursing a peach geranium that came from my mother's friend over 12 years ago.
    I have many handmade items from folks as well.
    I cherish all of these things--even though these people are all gone now, they live on every time I use or see one of these items.
    Glad you got your computer back!

  2. Computers play a big part in our lives now... I'm glad you got yours back, guess you were relieved to see and use it again.

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures today, a much needed distraction from our weather. By the way, is the kerosene lamp usable>

  3. Pretty good for not having a topic! You kind of picked up steam as you went... Or as Johnny Cash might have said;

    He was going down a grade making ninety miles and hour
    The keyboard broke into a scream
    The puppy dog snoozed and dreamed of brass monkeys
    The windows were covered with steam

  4. Very nice job here, TB. I enjoyed it all and you gave me some hope about where I might look for a blog topic. Glad your machine is back in working order. :-)

  5. I used to go with my grandfather to the switching yard and the main engine was steam still. I liked the stories I got to hear and the rides were fun.I had computer problems and just got a new one a few months back, easier than fixing the old one.

  6. Be safe this weekend. Ice storm looks horrendous for mid-west.

  7. We've been so lucky with our weather and very little snow but, even so, it was nice to share your memories and I loved those vibrant colors ...

  8. So glad your comfortable computer is back. Ahhh. Love that orchid cactus. So nice when our important folks leave such lovely reminders of their time in our lives.

  9. Nice memories, and winter is a good time for reminiscing. It's nice to see those beautiful blooms outdoors. What a contrast to the photo of you and your dog in the snow!

  10. Glad your computer is fixed..that's a wonderful thing, isn't it?

    I enjoyed your stories of your friends' gifts today.

  11. Good to hear your computer is good as new! Those are some good memories you shared and that Hanging Basket is beautiful!

  12. Those memories make it special, and you have quite a few different ones.